Multi-award winning pianist, composer and producer Doug Hammer has been involved with music his whole life, starting piano at age six. He is educated in contemporary, jazz and classical styles of music.

A scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Doug’s musical world continued to flourish, gaining experience in everything from record production to orchestration and arranging. After Berklee, he opened his own project studio and production company, Dreamworld Productions. His studio and skills have served the needs of many, working on projects for film, web, TV, radio and corporations. He has produced countless artists in a diversity of styles.

After many years of success with his business, Doug started releasing his own music. It has won countless awards and nominations from radio, websites and media. His music is widely popular on streaming, satellite and radio stations all over the world. It has received hundreds of millions of plays on Pandora, Spotify, Music Choice and Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. His album, Solace, is a big hit on Pandora and his double album, Travels, won Album of the Year on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Doug’s 15h release, Melancholia, is a 13-song album of quiet, introspective songs. Sad and melancholy, it bears witness to events in the recent past, including some personal ones.

Doug Hammer Discography:

Solace (2007)

Baby Music 1  (2008)

Baby Music 2  (2008)

Noel  (2008)

75 Labels (2010)

Travels  (2011)

Heart  (2013)

Secret World  (2014)

Haiku  (2015)

Christmas Lights (2015)

Americana (2016)

Celtique (2018)

Piano2 (2019)

My America [single] (2020)

Forever Young [single] (2020)

Night Drive [single] (2020)

Night [ep] (2021)

Melancholia (2022)